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Low Voltage & Fiber Optic Experts

Preferred Cabling Systems follows the Unix philosophy, Do one thing, and do it well. Preferred Cabling Systems strives to be the best Low Voltage integrator operating in the United States. Our number one priority is to give our clients the best service at the lowest price possible. We're experts with decades of experience in long distance fiber optic cabling, Access Controls Systems, CCTV, Data Network Design, and more.


DAS in-Building Wireless

Get a DAS(Distributed Antenna System) quote from us today, and take the first step to improving your indoor wireless service. We've got you covered from start to finish. No project is to big or to small for our certified installers. We design, install and maintain customized Fiber-Based Distributed Antenna Systems for our customers nationwide.

Fire & Life Safety Systems

We offer full spectrum fire alarm systems. We design, install and maintain to both local and national fire codes. We also offer full spectrum healthcare systems such as nurse call, patient assistance and emergency call systems for hospitals, living facilities and private residencies. All systems are maintained to be 100% NFPA 101 compliant.

Data Centers

PCS's network designs are systems are tested, validated, and secure. Data security and risk reduction maximize your return on investment, we will help you get there. Data center installation requires years of experience to master our level of expertise. Our experienced technicians will handle installation, repair, and maintenance, while our dedicated engineers help with design.

CCTV and Security

We provide our customers with the most advanced professional-grade security products at the best prices on the market. Our team is at the forefront of the security industry and is here to provide customer support and technical details regarding our current product offerings: security alarm systems, monitoring, and surveillance CCTV systems plus networking. Stay secure with Prefered Cabling Systems.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Bi-Directional amplifiers (BDAs) boost signals so first responders (fire, police, other government personal) can communicate effectively in case of an emergency. Jurisdications across the US are requring by law that all building have a BDA system. That includes condos, commercial, retail, medical, mixed-use, and stadiums. South Florida already requires BDA systems for all hi rise condos.

Access Control

Access Control provides the security businesses and people need at their offices and homes. PCS sets you up with a system that allows full control over vechile entry, door entry, down to indivdual room access. Entry gates, card readers, keypads, telephone access control, biometric readers, PCS installs them all and more. Access Control provides additional security and access to emergency support.

Recent Projects

Marriott Delray Beach

PCS is integrating the entire data network in Kolter's new Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach.

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Mar A Lago (Southern White House)

Preferred Cabling Systems maintains the data network at Mar-A-Lago, the Southern White House, for the Trump Organization.

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St. Regis Bal Harbour

PCS did a multi year project at Bal-Harbour St. Regis. PCS did the low voltage including voice data networks, fiber optics, IP Camera and Security System, and BDA install.

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PCS designs, installs, and services your data network. From conception to execution we'll be there every step of the way. We have decades of expertise designing some of the biggest and most secure locations in the US. PCS wants to help you on your next project. Contact us at 877-307-8131 or send us an email to discuss how we can help with your low voltage and data needs.

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