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Michael Harrison

CEO / Founder

Mike Harrison is both the founder and president of PCS and is currently overseeing the Network Data integration of the largest Hotel/Condo complex ever built in Fort Lauderdale, 100 Las Olas. He started at FSU where he gained both a degree and extensive knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. He soon became an early adopter of the fiber optic field where he went on to become a leader while working with Will Tel Communications. He is also personally responsible for implementing a fiber optics network from California to the east coast. Since then Mr. Harrison has gone onto founding Preferred Cabling Solutions (PCS) in early in 1990 and has implemented Data Networks, Fiber Optic integration and Security systems at the Mar-A-Lago, the ‘Southern White House’ in Palm Beach, FL, and many other high profile locations.

Picture of Anthony England

Anthony England

VP Operations

Tony has been the Field Officer for Preferred Cabling Systems for over 21 years, in that time he has managed large projects across the United States, Guam, and Hawaii. He currently oversees technical crews as large as 120. Tony has also assisted with the design and engineering of new construction projects for major clients such as the United States Air Force, Bank of America, Trump, Marriot, Disney, Hyatt, and AT&T. Tony holds extensive qualifications and is certified by the fiber optics divisions of Hitachi and BerTek, and is graduate of the school of business in Yorkshire, England. Areas of Expertise Include: BDA/DAS Designer, Fire Alarm Specialist, Network Designer, Jobsite Supply Management as well as experience as a Crew Leader.

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